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Museo Galileo

Explorez le Museo Galileo à Florence grâce à une visite virtuelle.

Vous pourrez découvrir :

  • Virtual Museum (objects, videos by thematic area or alphabetically ordered, rooms, biographies, glossary, Museo Galileo’s catalogue)
  • Digital library
  • Online didactic (series « the instruments of science », science in play)
  • Galileo portal (life, image gallery, works, laboratory; itineraries, Galilean school, myth, bibliography, periodicals, Galileo//thek@)
  • Exhibitions (ongoing, past and virtual)
  • Galileo//thek@ (manuscripts and documents, chronology, biographies, Galilean bibliography, Galileo’s library, index of names and subjects, virtual museum, places, iconography)
  • Life and works of Galileo (chronology, places, biographies, instruments)

Publié le 24.08.2017

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