The organisation of the school system

French Schooling Overseas [anglais]

The French Ministry of Education works with different organisations and agencies around the world to facilitate French school programmes and to prepare French exams abroad.

Accreditation procedure/ Homologation

The French Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs work with partner organisations to facilitate and supervise schools in conformity with the French educational system for French students living abroad and foreign students as well. Overseas schools deliver the French curriculum to Primary and Secondary students. Most of these schools and institutions are subject to an accredation procedure attesting to their conformity to the French curriculum, French pedagogical objectives, and the organisational rules applicable to French schools and establishments. Schools in this vast and diverse network have a private status and charge fees.

The official list of schools and licensed establishments is published each year by decree in the Official Journal of the French Republic. To consult the latest list.

Specificities and key figures

 Students are taught in French and in most schools the language of the host country is also available. Other languages are offered as well, not as the official language of teaching, but as part of the curriculum in modern language courses.

There are 495 schools operating in 137 countries. There are 342,000 students in French overseas schools ; 60% are foreign students, 40% are French or bi-national.

The purpose of these schools is to extend French schooling overseas for the 136,800 French pupils who attend.They also contribute to the cultural influence of France by providing schooling for 205,200 foreign pupils.

Several networks

They oversee the pedagogical quality of provision and bring together most of these schools

L'Agence pour l'enseignement français à l'étranger (AEFE: The Agency for French Schooling Abroad)

    • to learn more about the AEFE, follow this link to their website in English.

    The Mission laïque française 

    • for a link to their website, click here.

    The Ambassadors of France

    French ambassadors to foreign countries are the priviledged representatives to families who would like to know about the different schooling options for their children in foreign countries that follow a French curriculum and are taught in the French language.

    • For a list of French ambassadors abroad, follow this link.

    Other Offers

    • CNED: French teaching from a distance.
      • their page about educating students while living abroad can be found here.
    • LabelFrancEducation: offers bilingual teaching of  the national curriculum in French.
      • their website can be found here.
      • Programme FLAM: their goal is to allow French children living abroad to conserve the practice of their maternal language and ties to the French culture in an out of school context.
      • their website can be found here.

    For more information

    about overseas schooling in French,  click here. The link will redirect to the Éduscol French website.

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