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French Education Digital Strategy "School is changing with digital"

Since December 2012, the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research has been developing an ambitious strategy to bring schools into the digital age. This strategy aims to make the most of the opportunities offered by digital technology for the benefit of pupils' success.

The biggest National Digital plan for education ever

In order to achieve this ambition, a large-scale digital plan for education was announced by French President François Hollande on 7 May 2015. The aim is to mainstream digital technology (in schools) at the start of the 2016 school year (September), with priority given to the first secondary school classes. The plan includes a phase called «foreshadowing» in 2015; this will involve the provision of educational resources and services on individual mobile devices in September 2015 to pupils in their eighth year at ISCED 2 (12 years old) and their teachers in 600 secondary middle and primary schools, with a focus on priority education areas.

This plan is based on the lessons learned from the large-scale experiments carried out to foreshadow the generalization of digital technology in schools planned for 2016.

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The digital plan is therefore a Presidential Priority as announced by François Hollande. Furthermore it is one of the main elements in the middle school reforms initiated last May by the minister of education. The Ministry of Education and regional/local public authorities are working together and jointly mobilising financial resources.

1 billion euros in public investment over the next 3 years for Digital Education development

In order to implement the national plan and in order to succeed in transforming teaching and learning practices with digital technology four pillars have been identified: training, equipment, resources and innovation.

This strategy is embodied in the creation of the digital educational public service, as provided for in the new legislation of 8 July 2013 "rebuilding the School of the Republic", which should help schools achieve the fundamental tasks of education and empowerment.

The Directorate of Digital Technology for Education (DNE)
The Directorate of Digital Technology for Education (DNE) was officially established by Decree No. 2014-133 of 17 February 2014. Through its origin, its ambition, its missions and organisation, it embodies the ministry's digital strategy to «bring schools into the digital age,» a major challenge for schools and crucial for the success of pupils. The DNE implements and deploys a public digital education service and is in charge of steering and implementing information systems
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