School Education in France

The structure of the School System

Children can attend nursery school from the age of 2 subject to available places. Almost all attend school from the age of three even if school is not yet compulsory.

Primary (école primaire)
3-11 years old

Nursury school (école maternelle)
3-6 years old
Petite section                          1st cycle
Moyenne section                     1st cycle
Grande section                        1st cycle
Elementary school (école élémentaire)
6-11 years old

Cours préparatoire (CP)          2nd cycle
Cours élémentaire 1° année   2nd cycle
Cours élémentaire 2° année   2nd cycle
Cours moyen 1° année           3rd cycle
Cours moyen 2° année           3rd cycle

Secondary (secondaire) 
11-18 years old

Lower secondary (collège)
11-15 years old

Upper secondary (lycée)
15-18 years old (*)
General, technological or vocational route

Baccalauréat général et technologique ou
Baccalauréat professionnel

(*) This age range does not apply to the lycées professionnels as a CAP (vocational training qualification) can be followed by a vocational baccalauréat professionnel from première (year 11).

Last updated May 27, 2013
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