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Éduscol - the Portal for Educational Professionals

Éduscol is not just a website. It is a database that includes all the resources and publications of the French Ministry of Education, as well as multiple domains related to specific themes and sites. Alongside the main website éduscol, which houses all the information about education in French schools, there are also several thematic sites, disciplinary sites, teacher training sites, and a bank of resources. All of these websites and resources are created and shared for the use of educational professionals. 

 Éduscol is visited by thousands every month across many different platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and, most importantly, the original website.

The portal is divided into 5 categories of websites the original website  that includes information on education in France, 7 thematic sites, 19 sites specific to different disciplines taught in schools, 9 teacher training resource sites, and 4 sites of  pedagogical resources.


Eduscol is as well associated in the group Eduscsphère with 12 other educational websites such as:

The main site: éduscol

 Concentrated here are the programmes and national systems which provide resources for their implementation in schools. This main page accounted for 52% of website visits to éduscol. Most of the information concerning education in France, found on the main site, is available in German, English and Spanish as well as the original French.

The thematic sites

These are concerned specifically with precise subjects like technology, traffic safety, responsible internet use etc. The rules and regulations related to these themes are also available on these sites.

The disciplinary sites

The goal of these sites is to present news and resources for the disciplines taught in schools such as art, history and geography, physics and chemistry, earth sciences, philosophy, and mathematics, among the 19 disciplines. These sites are developed and tailored specifically to teachers, but they do not provide any information which is not already given to teachers by the Ministry. Information and resources are also shared and exchanged here between teachers and schools around France.

The teacher training sites

They offer scientific oversight of resources to support the initial and continuous training of teachers.

The bank of resources sites

These offer access to indexed resources, including

  • édubase - which presents different pedagogical scenarios online for teachers to share and collaborate.
  • Prep'exam offers students and teachers the chance to read and take exams that have previously been given in different baccalaureate subjects.
  • Expérithèque offers a data base of innovative pedagocal experimental projects
  • Songs that Made History gives students the opportunity to listen to songs that have great historic and cultural importance, as well as a contextual explanation given by experts to accompany the song.
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